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Headache on a Hot Summer Night

Moon on a hot summer night with a clear sky and trees below. This is for a story on onehappyamma.

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Carole’s monthly headache was due in a couple of days. However, this month it had started early. It made her anxious again. She disliked how vexed it made her. The summer night would make it more miserable. Everything about the headache that lasted for 24 hours straight made her feel cross.

Her little girl, Emily, loved to cuddle her and sleep on her arm every night. She always had the habit of holding onto mom’s face until she dozed into her dreamland. On the days of the headache, everything made Carole feel irritated. Even something as adorable as what Emily did.

Carole had started to feel anxious about the night already. During these times, Jack, her husband, always tried to keep their little daughter with him. For some reason, she wanted to be with mom just that night. She hoped the green tea before bed would do her some good.

When she went to bed, the little one was already waiting for her. Even though it was a hot summer night with leaves as still as they can be, Carole wanted to keep the blanket next to her. She knew little Emily well enough. She’d find any excuse to stay awake longer even with droopy eyes.

It could range from being hungry after mom and pop hit bed, wanting the blanket on a hot day, not wanting the blanket on a cold day, jumping on the bed just to keep up her spirits and pull ours down. Oh, how about that back to back stories until Carole was blabbering in her sleep already.

Even though she enjoyed the little nuances of everyday, today she wanted to just sleep. To forget the headache, to forget the pain, just to go to deep slumber.

She left the windows open, turned on the table fan. There was no sign of cool air circulating the room. This summer night was making her feel sweaty and irritated. She placed an apple in a bowl and a banana next to it (just in case) and filled water in a bottle.

As she went to fetch the blanket, she got a call that night from an unknown number. Much to her annoyance, the recorded voice message told her that her NI number was compromised. Her anger knew no bounds as she cut this anonymous false call at 9pm in the night.

Carole muted the ringtone and dropped her phone back in the box near the bed. She forgot the blanket and just went to bed. As her eyes were about to be mesmerised by sleep, a small voice called out to her. Mommy, I want a blanket.

Her eyes popped open as she seethed in anger. She was murmuring about losing her sleep forever, about succumbing to this headache and not being here at all. She got up, brought the blanket and gave it to her girl. As she turned and tried to sleep, it eluded her. The headache was rising again.

She heard a squeak from behind her. Her little one asked her to turn and lend her hand to sleep. She was requesting a cuddle as well. Carole just obeyed as even tears eluded her. She went into deep slumber after a while.

While Carole helped Emily get ready to school, she apologized. She narrated how uncomfortable the headache makes her feel, she explained that she still has it, but it’s slightly better than yesterday night. As Emily listened to her mom, she just nodded her head. She told her mom that she is going to alright soon.

Carole had tears in her eyes and knew that Emily cared for her more than she thought. Maybe she made her hug her to make the whole pain feel better. She just hugged her little one and kissed her forehead. She thanked her for being kind.

Fiction Monday

I am participating in Vinitha Dileep’s Fiction Monday. This is for Edition 55. I have woven this web around something that happened in my life, so a part of this is fiction. This is a piece of Fiction for the word prompt SUMMER. You can find my other entries in my personal blog.

This story explains that children are not often the cause of our irritation or anger. Mostly it is something within the adult that triggers the emotion than the actual doing of the child. Most parents find it easier to make the child feel like the trigger.

Children are most humble beings. They are pure and beautiful in their own way. As much as it is important to stay firm with them when they are crossing their line, it is also absolutely necessary to give them their due respect.

We can explain right from wrong only by our actions more than our words. Children watch us all the time. As a parent, I find myself sitting down often to explain myself, after every outburst. This explains to the child that everyone feels sad or confused once in a while. It is essential to take time to sit down and think about it. Apology, when required must be given to a child or an adult.

One thought on “Headache on a Hot Summer Night

  1. I am very familiar with such headaches that last forever and I could easily relate to Carole’s state. Our kids don’t want us to suffer. But when headache unleashes its war on the head, it’s impossible to think straight.
    Thank you for sharing the story, Jayanthy. Looking forward to reading more of your stories for #FictionMonday. 😊

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