My Journey as a Mother

Welcome to One Happy Amma


I am Jayanthy Govindarajan, blogger by passion, a housewife working at a full-time job and mother to a 3-year-old 5year-old already. I love to share my experiences from my world of parenting. Hence, I dedicate this blog to all my parenting chronicles as One Happy Amma!

I will share all my learnings as a parent to a toddler et all. It will be everything from nice and bright to dull and mundane experiences we all go through as mothers. I am going to share my two cents on parenting.

I would love to know your thoughts about life with your little ones. I am also going to share toddler activities, toddler food habits, toddler nuisances and everything in between. It is going to be my favourite spot as my child grows.

I had problems coping up with my toddler and there are times I still find her difficult to handle. So, as a mother, my exploration hat is always on my head!

When it comes to parenting mistakes, I am always looking for cues from my daughter. I know it when I make a mistake, but it takes a while for me to work on my mistakes. 

Writing has always been a power house for me. Right from venting my lungs out to wiring my nerves to think right, writing has helped me take the right decision. Hence, I am here, writing my parenting chronicles which always holds me accountable for everything I do. 

I never write about anything I have never tried. I prefer to post only about moments that mean a lot to me and explorations that has made me feel better or bitter. I would love to hear from you about your parenting chronicles.

Jump in and ride with us!

I hope you find something helpful from my experiences here. I pray my writing helps you heal while working on the solutions to become a better parent, just the way it helps me!

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