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I used Raw Milk to Wipe Face for 7 Days

Yes, I used Raw milk as a cleanser every morning for 7 days. I used raw milk to wipe my daughter’s face and mine for a week. Here’s what I found from it.

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What did I do?

I used whole milk that we regularly buy from the store. I added two teaspoons of whole non-pasteurized milk in a bowl and used a cotton pad to apply it on her face. Just for a couple of days, I applied it on her whole body.

Why I started using Milk to Wipe Face?

It is the start of summer here. Even though I apply moisturizers or sunscreen lotion, her skin is extremely dry. One week of hot sun and there is too much tan.

I am not a fan of using too many creams for myself or my child. I used Mamaearth earlier, but decided to choose local products now. If I buy one Child’s Farm bottle, it will last me for almost a year. I use very little of it. Sometimes, I decide to let her have a plain warm water bath.

When it comes to using body baths for my 4 year old, I am too conventional. I search through the products before buying them. Mostly, I don’t fancy buying them. Since she goes to school, I use Child’s Farm for good cleansing. Otherwise it is mostly plain warm water bath.

What I wanted to try?

Since I want to reduce the use of commercial products, I always keep trying alternatives for my daughter. That’s when I read about milk baths.

My daughter was clearly against her water being white, so I decided to use it as a face wipe. Our skin had become too dry after our first winter here. It felt really too dry and too old.

My daughter’s skin was extremely dry and she wasn’t interested in using moisturizers on a regular basis. I had to find an alternative, even though as a small change.

When you have a little one who spends too much time outside or does not fancy any creams, this would be worth a try.

Benefits of using Milk to Wipe Face

Even though I knew all the benefits below, I wasn’t sure if milk could be used on child’s skin. After reading through a few articles, I found it was worth trying. I read the following benefits of using milk on our body.

  1. Hydrates your skin really well. It is clearly a good moisturizer for dry skin.
  2. Acts as a cleanser.
  3. Soothes irritated skin.

All of these are true. If your child has any skin infections, then it is effective to use milk baths.

Oily/ Acne-prone skin

If your skin is oily or acne-prone like mine, you could always use buttermilk or yogurt. My breakouts have reduced and now my skin condition has changed much.

It is more of a combination skin now, so I tried wiping whole milk for 4 days this week. I found that the usual grime and dirt were not there anymore. It gave a softer feeling than before.

If you have oily skin or breakouts, then think twice before trying milk baths or using milk as face wipes.

Feeding Mothers:

If you are still feeding your child, bathing your child once or twice a week in breastmilk looks like a good idea. It has more benefits and I found it interesting. However, it’s clearly your choice.

If you want to try it, go ahead and read this before trying a breastmilk bath.

Isn’t it a nice try? I was surprised to see that just applying milk for 7 days has made me feel my daughter’s skin has improved much better than before. Her skin feels soft and supple.

If you have any skin complications, then read or consult your doctor before you try this method. Also, kindly avoid using milk baths when you have cold or a running temperature.

Have you tried milk as a face wipe? Or, have you tried milk baths? What’s your take?

5 thoughts on “I used Raw Milk to Wipe Face for 7 Days

  1. Totally agree with you, I’m super conventional when it comes to trying new products for her. Honestly I still stick with Himalaya soap\body wash and shampoo for her, never used a moisturizer at all – we prefer coconut oil over commercial ones and I have tried milk bath for her a few times although not regularly. She has normal skin and milk bath actually made her skin so soft and supple. Great post and it reminded me of those historic movies in which queens fill their bathtubs with milk & rose petals❤️

  2. Before marriage I used to apply milk on face too. These days without any skin care ritual my face has become so dry and peeling. Now I apply coconut oil to save my skin from peeling. Milk is a good cleanser. Thank you for sharing your experience, Jayanthy.

    1. It’s the same for me Vinitha. From a pure oily skin, my skin has changed into combination skin. I guess it will slowly move into dry skin category. I wanted to experiment this for my daughter because her skin was starting to dry up quickly. I applied the leftover milk and now I love what just one week has done to my skin. I am planning to explore other kitchen ingredients slowly. Coconut oil is our only resort! 🙂

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