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2022 Moments to Cherish

As a parent to a 5.5 year old, it’s been a good year. With the year like a sine wave, I appreciate all the time I got to spend with my daughter last year. To the good times, the learning and loads of unlearning, I got this year, I’m grateful. Firstly, I’m still surprised by how quickly they grow. I still remember her as a 5-month old who’s just turned around and is keen on doing it everywhere. Duh, I’m turning old!

To the absolutely delighted trekker who amazed me throughout our trip to Wales. A traveller who loves the seaside and looks forward to ice-creams and water and running around. Long car journeys bothers her, trains and buses are her cue. Managed the car trip since she had friends around. After excitedly playing in the seashores of Pembrokeshire, she was sea-sick and had a running temperature from that very evening. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her trip.

The next day even though she was under the weather, she managed to have a slow yet curious horse ride. Jigsaw was the pony’s name, who per the description given was one excited pony who loves kids. He was excited and jumped that she almost slipped off the saddle. She was not a bit worried, but instead she was quiet and from there her carer took her for a slow ride.

My daughter is not fond of big slides at all. Glad her friends helped her and then she made up her mind and came down it. She was hyper excited even though she had a running temperature. Nevertheless, she had fun.

Grandpa Love, this duo shares all the love. Just the look says it all. This was taken on our trip to Chennai last year. She met the love of her life (her grandpa) and they had fun. Pure joy of being a grandparent is to have the good health to enjoy with the grandchild. Even though they are not in the best of health, it’s in their being to see the brighter side of life that makes them so special.

A lot has happened in the two years and I’m very happy for my sister. We were not able to go to her wedding, but finally happy to see my little boy. My daughter was excited to play the big sister (to 2 little ones) and she couldn’t stop watching him. Though she never expected that a 8 month would sleep most of the time, she managed to keep herself engaged with 2 other friends. She did not enjoy the heat, but she was the busiest person in the whole house those 3 weeks.

As she turned 5, she enjoyed a small birthday party. She was happy to cut 3 cakes in less than 10 days. First was on my cousin’s birthday (her chithi’s) at my aunt’s place, followed by this one at her paternal grandmom’s house, and the next at my mum’s place. She loved it, after all, who does not love being celebrated. Bike rides, park visits, auto rides and what not!

Summer vacation was fantastic with her aunt taking her to the strawberry farm, sea life and also meeting Peppa Pig. She was as busy as a kid can get, cycle rides with her father, park play, playing till 8 in the evening in the sun. And, oh I forgot to mention her new bicycle, she managed to ride it without the stabilizers before the end of her vacation. Not my expectation, but when they want to try it, I cannot be more happy. Also, spending time with good friends was a pleasure last Summer.

She loves to dance and this is something that I was glad she tried. This was at a play area with her aunt where she enjoyed herself thoroughly. She loves getting all dressed up, I love to choose for her, however all her selection that day was her aunt’s. So, no words, she loves her.

Trampoline jumping has always been her favourite at the fair. This is in one such fair, her father couldn’t resist asking her to go. The first time she got on she was almost jumping out of it near the stem. I was worried she’d hurt herself, but she cared less. I was worried what’s behind her, but she was excited to see what was in front of her. Cheering is so special for kids, I realized.

Our little girl wanted to be Unicorn for Halloween. She managed to convince us to get this dress for her Look at the hooves, it was fantastic I must agree. It was pouring on Halloween and we took the bus to city centre to participate in the Halloween treasure hunt. So, she never got to wear this on Halloween, but I love the dress. It can help someday.

The bag is one of her birthday gifts that she likes to take everywhere. Since it’s one of those pastels, I choose to keep it for later. 3 years of schooling here and there’s not a day she complained of not liking it. Apart from gossiping with older girls who say school is boring. Happens when you get along with other kids and peer pressure gets on me.

These two have my heart. After missing some initial year of togetherness, she has managed to get along with her dad. It took a lot of learning for both of them and it took me the time to let them be. To many years of togetherness and learning to be with each other and sharing unconditional love, bless them.

She’s had her downs last year, falling down, scraping herself many times in school, while playing and all that bits of growing up. Also, with her falling sick more than usual in 2022 due to change in place, change in weather and growing up. Nevertheless, she is a brave and a kind child who always teaches me to let go of panic and cool down.

Looking forward to learning with her in 2023!

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