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Frame It: Shake It Off

I know this title again looks so similar to my previous post. Even I couldn’t stop laughing at it, but Shake It Off is a song that we’ve fallen in love with especially after watching the movie, Sing.

All we ever do is shake it off when we listen to songs from the movie. Ilakkiya is Rosie and I am Gunter. It has been our favourite this year and I think we’ve watched it more than 10 times.

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Listening to songs is a routine now. Dancing is however a choice, that sometimes I back off from even though I enjoy it. It has come down after I went back to work, I must get back on.

The three of us enjoy listening to music, singing and dancing. Summer means loud music on most evenings after work until dinner or almost nearing bedtime. Dance has been the biggest stress buster for my husband and myself, just like listening to music. For the little one, it’s a source of immense fun. When one of us join her, her dance mode is fully ON and we shake it off.

This has been the norm even way back in time when she was as little as 1 or 2. She used to dance with my sister and she was never shy. My daughter gets a little nervous to talk or share, but she is never shy to dance.

Her First Dance

I remember her first dance on stage when she was at her preschool back in Chennai, early 2020. The teacher was rehearsing with kids who joined before my daughter for their Annual Day Celebrations. My daughter who was in the other room came out listening to the music and started shaking her head and following the steps of the teacher. The next day the teacher asked us if it’s okay for her to be a part of the show. I was reluctant, but still told them if she’s okay I am totally fine.

On the day of her show, I prayed that she shouldn’t become nervous or cry on the stage. Then made up my mind that if she does, I would be brave enough to bring her down and still appreciate her for staying in for so long. However, she thoroughly enjoyed her dance and was cheerful throughout the show.

My father recorded her dance and we enjoyed watching it until we changed phones. That’s the fate of my videos today. I hardly back them up. This is also one of the primary reasons, I want to write down about them and capture these here.

Once here, she told me that a few of her reception friends (Upper Kindergarten) friends were going to dance classes. When asked what dance was it, she told me they’re going to ballet classes. I was alright with Bharatanatyam classes, but wasn’t really sure how well Ballet was going to fit in for us.

Welcome to Ballet

I was glad to get help from the mum’s group and there she was excited to go to her first ballet class. They offer tap and ballet together. She was a happy lass. It’s been a few months now and she’s enjoying her classes.

Their first show will be in October 2022 and she had her exams at their dance academy, last week. They all pulled it off and brought out lovely trophies. My daughter was extremely happy, but told me that everyone in their toddler group had got one.

Whenever I ask her to show me what she learns at her dancing classes, she never obliges. In her happy mood last weekend, after her sense of achievement, she obliged immediately and performed her show at home. She asked me to be her dance teacher, so I could enact gifting her the trophy after the dance.

After finishing her dance steps, she signed it off beautifully with a bow. I was stunned and I managed to click quickly. Otherwise, my butter fingers wouldn’t have done it that quick. I clapped after the show and awarded the trophy to her.

I was apprehensive about joining her initially, but it’s nice to see her learn an entirely new style of dancing. After all, every dance brings a sense of discipline into us. As a parent, I am only thankful that she has an opportunity to be a part of this and enjoys it just as much.

Dance Channels

If my daughter’s interest in dancing has grown much more now, it is because of a few channels in YouTube. The video songs have helped a great deal, but this particular channel does it part even today. Nainika and Thanaya are two sisters about 10 and 11, they reside in the US, they perform for songs from all languages. We adore their dance and it’s nice to see that my daughter enjoys their videos and dances along with them.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is one of their favourites from school, they do their Yoga as well as dance to some.

Hair Styling

My daughter does not like to wear clips or hair bands. She hardly likes growing her hair, she sweats like a pig and quickly catches cold if her hair grows a little long. We keep it short for that very reason. Later, she’d cut it off for a lollipop at the barber’s shop. No questions asked.

Now, at 5, she is fond of clips and wants to put them herself. Wants a longer hair because she could plait it and pose. Above all she does not crush and throw the net the next moment I put on her hair before her classes. I used to find it difficult to put them on, because we both don’t have a round head, instead it is flat behind.

Hair bands or scrunchies do not stay longer on our kind of heads pretty well, so I use a hair net to keep them together. Now, even though she does not like them much, she wants to be presentable in her class. Most of them have pretty long hair and wear them in a bun. Somehow she is fond of it, I think I am glad.

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She’s neither fond of hair bath or basically brushing her hair, a lot has changed now because of her dream to grow long hair and become Elsa, the Princess and a Ballerina. So, she’s Elsa the Ballerina Princess.

Now, I’m finally getting to the period where I need to dedicate a shelf for her beautiful clips and scrunchies. I might like it, because I’m growing my hair too. πŸ˜‰

Really, go on, Shake it Off!

Even though I am fond of dancing, I used to be super shy. I’ve enjoyed dancing as much as I wished only after my daughter came into my life. There’s one more about dancing, shaking our heads off until we feel dizzy!

Well, do you like to shake it off? How do you enjoy dancing? Does your child enjoy dancing or singing?

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