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Frame It: Write if off

I don’t often sit with my daughter and ask her to write. We read together, at times work on their learnings or some worksheets, but we don’t sit down for a homework time as yet. When I do, I try not to make it a chore, but sometimes I make it exactly that.

My daughter is currently in her Reception, the Upper Kindergarten (UKG). She learned to write her name by the end of Nursery and now she has come to a place where she signs off every card or letter with her name. I could take pride in it, but my help is really minimal.

School this year has been the best and I could ask for nothing less. The teachers have been supportive and encouraging that she adores them and vice versa. She has learned her alphabets and tries hard enough to write them down as stories or as a title for her picture. Just about anything that she feels like.

Writing it Off

I know it’s not going to be a clean sentence, I am not expecting it. I do not make her write A 100 times everyday, but I sit down and just observe what she does. At times, I ask her if she’s writing a j or a i, b or a d, questions that make her think about what she wants to put down on her paper.

While on my Montessori course, I learned that children can correct their own mistakes. So, I’ve started observing her rather than continuously interrupt her. I have not completely unlearned it, but I will get there in the coming years.

I could just admire how children are self-correcting and I wouldn’t interrupt her with my half baked knowledge just because I think I know better. Honestly, I don’t.

Lakki was off 2 days last week due to extreme heat. She already had her share of heat exhaustion moments on the vacation to Chennai, a couple of months back. Again, I didn’t want her to go through it here. She was already too poorly due to the rising temperatures here.

This post is one of those growing up too quick kind of frame it moments from last week. She was silent for a long time and that got me curious. I tiptoed from the kitchen to check on her and was surprised to see her deeply concentrating on something. The last thing I’d do is interrupt her, so I just went back to work. She was sitting on the mat and was drawing something. Made a note in my mind and went back to work.

When I came back a while later she was still working on her drawing board. I laughed to myself because now she was sitting on her drawing board. Her focus was completely on her work and her expressions denoted that. I let out a loud smile and asked her if she’s aware of where she’s sitting. She laughed and continued, maybe she did but did not enjoy my interruption.

Frame it Moment!

I just sat on the couch and started clicking pictures silently. It was thoroughly one of those enjoyable moments where I could observe her just as is. What can I say, I just like to see her being a busy bee.

I really wanted to capture this. As a grown up, I find it interesting to watch a child at work. I try to understand how a child’s mind works, when they do something. Though I consider it as one of my lifetime projects, observing is something I like to do.

When just a few months old, their attention span is just a few seconds. I cannot help, but think that as a parent I just need to take in just by seeing her growing up. Just being there is all they need for the most part.

Also, just being there is all I need to do sometimes. Nothing else at all. This is a photo where she realised that she was sitting on the board and that I noticed and laughed it off.

This is the piece of work she was working on, a pattern, A group of stars. Drawing a star isn’t that easy for me even now. I just see her work as it. It’s not beautiful for me because she’s my daughter, it’s beautiful because it’s all in a child’s work.

I loved that she gave her piece of art a title, signed it off with her name, presented it to us as muee (mumee) and daee (daddy). A love heart and a flower to express herself. And a ya(Yay!), a proud moment that she accomplished what she set out to do.

Children love their work. They just need to get the hang of it. A lot has changed in the way they learn today. I’m learning that as a parent too.

Frame it is a segment from Mister Maker. They frame art works that can be done in minutes. I liked the title, so I’m using it to capture the growing up bits of my little one.

7 thoughts on “Frame It: Write if off

  1. I love the picture of her sitting on the board. That’s such a child-thing. it’s wonderful that you’re letting her find her own way and interpreting what she’s done so beautifully. It’s moments like these that want one to stay home during the child’s growing up years.

  2. Your daughter looks so cute sitting on her drawing board and concentrating on her artwork. Beautiful stars and even more beautiful is the Mumee daee 🙂

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