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Halloween 2020: What my Daughter wants to do?

It is Halloween 2020 tomorrow. That’s exactly why I am posting something today. It is to generate ideas because my 3.5 year old is already excited to do the trick or treat. Even before a couple of days, I was not very sure about the idea of Halloween. Since I am here now, we wanted her to learn about the culture here, so we can relate to everything around the world.

Halloween 2020, Pumpkin carved like a monster.
Image Courtesy: Photo by Lucia Foster on Unsplash

With the school off this week for term holidays, the daughter spent a good chunk of time watching the latest episodes from all her favorite shows. Yes, everything educated her about Halloween and she wanted to be dressed up as a monster this year. Since 2020 is our first year in UK during Halloween, we thought we might learn about it.

Right from Mickey Clubhouse to Hey Duggee and even JoJo and GranGran, everyone has told her something about Halloween. I thought it would be entertaining to host a treasure hunt at home. However, I wanted to know what was on my daughter’s mind.

My daughter has been watching only Halloween episodes since the last two days. Actually, I watched them too, because I did not have a great idea about it except that they use pumpkins. I figured it is more like our Indian tradition of Mahalaya Amavasya. This way, I was able to relate to All Hallows Eve or All Saints Day in better terms.

What we do on this day is that the living, pray for the souls of the dead. People place gifts or treats for the wandering souls. Just like us, here they offer a prayer and also place food for their ancestors and all souls. Halloween 2020 has helped me learn and relate to this lovely event. Since it is always fun to make this a business, it is now with too much scary drama promotion.

Since kids like to get stuff, this has become a ideal season to do the trick or treat. A good friend’s son has already told he would come to collect his treat; I wanted to know what he would do if I asked him to show me a trick. He said he would use his splash water gun on this chill evening to get the treat from me. Even the dead will forgive us, but these little monsters will bewitch us to get their treats.

For Halloween 2020, From my Daughter

When asked what she would go and tell people, she told me that she would ask them trick or treat and they would give her chocolates as treats! In turn, I asked her what if they asked her to show a trick? She said she would scream like a monster and then ask them to give her treats.

When asked how she wants to dress up for Halloween, she said she need sharp teeth and a black dress. I had to ask her this, where do you think I will get those sharp teeth? She replied that they are hiding in ASDA and we need to go and find them.

I had to convince her that shopping is closed for kids since we are on Tier 2 Lockdown. Well, I had to explain it with a story of cough and cold and how it affects everyone due to the weather. I think she understood and replied back saying that it is winter which means it is cold season and so we get cold.

Well, that sums up the cut down on shopping, but she came up with another idea. She needs to wear her night dress which is black and suits the occassion. I could not deny. A good friend of mine has offered to paint my little one’s face, but she has told me that it will be delicate when the brush touches her face. I could agree with her on that. It definitely feels that way!

She said she had trouble contemplating on an important thing. Is she going to be the good ghost or the bad one? I asked her what she wants to be. She told me that she would be both, the good one first, then the bad one. So, I am not sure how our first Halloween is going to be.

When you have a Know-it-All Miss Threenager, you go along with her and learn better! It is true that I learn something everyday in parenting because of my daughter. So, when it is good it just makes me feel so much enthusiastic and energetic!

So, with minimal to no painting, I have to now come up with a handmade wand that she can use and a spell that she can pronounce. Of all these, the biggest trick for me is not being able to send her with the rest of the kids this season. I need to be her companion. Do you think I am going to get dressed this Halloween?

Well, the charming me says, with the hair that already looks like it has had a shock spell, I cannot dress up separately for the occassion. I know it’s just fall, but with shivers, I might come out dressed up as the old witch in Snow White who offers her the apple.

Well, only I cannot offer anything to anyone except be the guardian to my little monster who goes about tricking or treating a couple of houses. What’s the spell do you think I must teach her? Also, what is your little monster planning for Halloween 2020?

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  1. That so much fun. I love how excited your daughter is about celebrating halloween. It is not very popular here in Sydney but I do occassionaly see kids dressed up in fancy costumes. Have fun.

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