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Life with my Know-it-All Litte Miss Threenager

A week before my daughter turned into a Know-it-All Little Miss Threenager, I was busy browsing the Internet for birthday cake ideas. Though there were enough cake ideas to try for many years to come, the second top result was more intriguing.

A toddler hanging upside down
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It was about surviving a threenager. Until then, I did not know there existed a term threenager. My curiosity took me to the better of me that I ended up reading more posts about surviving a threenager than baking a cake.

I didn’t realize that all the articles that I enjoyed reading were just few moments away from happening in my life. While I laughed so much about all it, I didn’t think much about how it is going to be when my little miss threenager took over my life.

I backtracked to a few articles that were about handling the terrible twos. Honestly, when my daughter was in her twos, it was me who gave her a terrible time than she did. I wasn’t sure how three was going to be different.

However, I decided I would make our journey onwards memorable for the three of us. That’s where I fantasized about making it even between us. Apparently, my idea to make it even didn’t reach her ears.

I guess she realized she missed being terrible in her twos. So she started being a Terrible Little Miss Threenager right after the moment she turned three!

From an Adorable Darling to an Audacious Devil

Even a day before her third birthday, my daughter was this adorable little darling who obliged with almost everything I said. That surprised even me. It all started the eve she turned three. How did she know she turned three? I did not teach her that she turned three until I filled her school form in July.

The first thing that I noticed was how honest her opinions were about something she disliked. Also, she is calm and composed when saying NO. It is me who feels chaotic when she says NO. It is like she became liberated the moment she turned three.

When her demands are not approved, the crocodile tear response comes up. Well, there is not a tear shed from her eye, but the sounds and tantrums that follow are pathetically cute when I am in a great mood, of course. However, the same cuteness goes out the window and gets on my nerves when I am busy, and all hell breaks loose!

Thinking back on all the 4 months since she turned three, it is refreshing. Just as I write this, I understood it all passes swiftly, and I only have moments to cherish about her childhood.

I used to give in initially when she threw tantrums. After a month and after my husband nagged me to stop giving in too much, I have become determined to let her be. When I don’t give in after around 5-10 minutes, there is no sign of whatever happened. She is either busy with what she was up to already or goes and picks up something she wants to play.

A Mini-Me:

At times, I wonder, is this the same calm child who did not mind my turbulent thunders while she was in her twos. She showed me how miserable it is when someone shouts on your face for no-fault.

Every word, activity, and my actions are captured well by my daughter. I read somewhere that Karma is a boomerang. I feel that when my version of advice comes in her expression.

When my daughter advises me in my style, I cannot control my laughter. At times, it is annoying, and I wonder, did I sound that bad? There’s always a list of what to do and what not to do before I start something!

Once I told my daughter that I just picked up the glass to drink water. I did not pick it up to play with water. I had to share a fitting reply that said something like, “Please know that I listen to my mommy”. She was quiet already!

Another day, I brought in a glass of water and spilled a few drops on the floor. My daughter stared at me. She followed it with relevant advice that I shared with her a few days back. Wasn’t I supposed to keep my eyes open while walking with water? Well, Yes, I must.

I wiped off the drops and told her that everyone makes mistakes, but the person who accepts and corrects their mistakes grow. Well, Who’s your mother, darling? She nodded.

While we took turns pouring the cupcake batter into the molds, a small chunk fell out of my spoon on the tray. The world wanted to know why I wasted that batter, was I not supposed to be careful? Honestly, I rolled my eyes to this!

I took the time to sit back and think if I was annoying her in the name of advice?

Then, I realize that I am either fist punched on the face while playing or completely avoided when her father is around. Why not keep my advice longer since that’s the only reverberation I show? Am I not raising a little rascal?

Well, I have made up my mind to watch her fully before opening my mouth again in the name of advice.

It is only because the collective set of excuses are brilliant that I end up laughing rather than showing her a stern face!

Growing Excuses of a Threenager

Even though she came to open the tap to play with water, she stopped when I asked her what she was doing near the bathtub. She told me she came by to check if the tap was closed.

The other day I asked her why she had poured the water on the floor. Won’t she or others slip and fall? She said that they might fall, but that’s okay because they can get back up and become stronger!

When I sit down to type on my laptop, my daughter asks me why on earth must I work when I can spend all the time being her play partner!

When I sit to eat or work, she wants to pee, poo, and stand in this weird position where I have to go and detangle her from rolling down the stairs.

That moment when I close my eyes and act as I sleep, I get called 1000 times to see if she gets my attention. Does she, yes, she does? At other times, when I am about to doze off, she pulls my eye out! What happens next, I just woke up from that deep sleep, but she dozed off happily!

When she acts as if every word that comes from my mouth is just another piece of advice, I roll my eyes too! Well, excuse me, I am not talking about a teenager here; it’s a threenager!

Even though she hears every word I speak, she only responds to the one she needs! It is mostly about her snacks, TV, coming down to play, some chocolates, stuff like that. That exact moment when I say that I am going out, she comes out of her hiding.

Coping Up with my Little Miss Threenager

I snap often. When I snap at my Threenager, I apologize, I explain, following it with a bear hug! At times I feel guilty, but when she expresses herself just the way I did, we swear we are even!

My Little Miss Threenager watching Masha and the Bear and behaving like Masha's Twin.
What? I will go to bed with no bed story?

My husband and I used to be strict with my daughter. When asked why or even a small what happened, she starts crying now. The moment we lift her and ask if she is okay, she wipes off her tears and asks if she could have some chocolate!

We stare at each other and decide not to utter the curse word! Now, we know better. We stand back and watch that unruly and embarrassing kid who just got wild since she turned three.

She is Masha’s Twin! We have no slightest doubt on that! Do you want to know why? Look at that cycle and the hairstyle! Can you find 6 similarities?

LTW.MEDIA | Masha and the app
Image Courtesy: Google
Little Miss Threenager of One Happy Amma
Mini Masha
Masha e Orso lo trovate su #Infinity! | Cute gif, Animated images, Animated  gif

Spot 6 differences

At times, I wonder how I became a parent. I spend too much time listening to her never ending stories in the hope of understanding her and then finally give up. At other times, I don’t give her the chance to explain herself.

There is a never ending place in her tummy for snacks and chocolates! Food, on the other side, must be taken within limits. A teaspoon or two is enough for survival. When given a food plate, this is the exact look she gives.

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After responding to her 100 snack queries in a day, I decided to keep a pantry for her snacks. Saves a lot of trouble when filled with crackers, juices, and fruits!

On rare occasions that she eats, she prefers variety. There is no place for the same food to come by the second time on the same day.

If it is pancakes in the morning, it must be legume salad for dinner. Don’t you think that my daughter eats a mouse’s portion but talks an elephant’s length? I feel that too!

The TV does not belong to us anymore! We are well versed with the names of the dinosaurs now than ever. I have watched Puss in Boots, Paddington, Masha and the Bear, Pocoyo and Grizzy and the Lemmings for the 100th time! There’s more to that chapter though!

Why did she learn Why?

I was delighted to answer to all her queries when she initially started asking her whys! I was glad we were finally there in that chapter!

Now, I am often negotiating with my husband on who answers the why and for how long! Well, my husband always offers to cook and clean the kitchen than handling this bunny! Well, at times, those chores seem fancier to me than answering her questions!

Why must I go to school for 5 days?
This question comes up every day for five days of the week while she wakes up for school!
Oh, Amma, Why no school today (weekend chronicles)? This question pops up when she forces open our eyelids while we are fast asleep!
Why Amma I must not bathe my Bing (battery-operated toy)?

Why is my Casio stuck all the time?

No Ma, Why am I supposed to share? This is mine! I must write separately about it.

Why are we her parents? Even I don’t know! I thought I was happy to have her as my daughter! Maybe she has her doubts!

Why can’t she eat chocolates forever? I don’t mind if she brushes her teeth.

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Why can’t she watch TV forever? Nothing is forever. No, Amma, everything is forever. Well, the TV is tired and needs a break.

Why can she not play in the tub forever? She will catch a cold and must drink a herbal concotion.

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Why does one have to wash their hair? That’s when you can grow and style your hair just the way you want to.

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PC: Google

What happened to the dinosaurs? If I remember right, there are no episodes with dinosaurs. So, we picked an entirely different route for this.

What will she do when a thief comes? She will run and beat him up!

I must make up a list of questions she asks me for the next time! I have forgot 999 questions here.

Why, for the 1000000000th time, I must answer these questions like it is her first time? Kids love repetition, and I need to learn to breathe out often to calm myself and repeat that it’s the only way to deal with children! I take a lot of timeouts than her!

Wait, Amma..

We wake her up early because she wants to put her shoes by herself, comb her hair, and dress up sometimes and that takes forever, especially when she needs to go to school! I don’t want my day to look nasty fighting with my daughter every morning.

Wait, Amma. I can do this myself. That moment when we are about to head out of the house, there is this kid who will take another 10 minutes to wear that shoe. And, her only expectation from me is for me to wait!

The other way doesn’t happen. Amma, Amma and Amma for 100 times when she needs something, especially when the mother is in the bathroom.

Even if I forget to pack some of my stuff while I go out, I manage to grab a piece of snack for this one! That’s the most important when we are out shopping or when I am bringing her back from school!

Do you think I want to be seen as this cruel mother who doesn’t feed her kid? Well, kids can behave like they have not seen food for ages especially when they are outside.

At times, I wonder who’s the boss at home! Well, do you have a doubt anymore! I rule this home, she says without a doubt and oh, that kitchen is mine, Amma!

What is it like to live with your threenager? Would you like to share a few moments of your once-upon-a-time threenager memories? I’m all ears!

12 thoughts on “Life with my Know-it-All Litte Miss Threenager

  1. Wow! This is so good akka I loved reading this! You are becoming a pro at managing ur threenager I guess 😂👍 Especially the 6 differences between maasha and illakiya 😍 so cute!!

  2. Omg sweet little Masha… I can see my future already. They learn so fast, we parents have to be so mindful of what we blurt out in front of them. And her excuses are so witty. She is going to be one smart chirpy girl.
    As for bathroom, oh god at what stage do they let you peacefully go to the bathroom. Mine would wait right outside the door, banging and crying.
    You are doing a fabulous job raising this little munchkin.

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