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10 Reasons Why You are Kicked out of Online Surveys

Are you kicked out of online surveys on a regular basis?
Yes, I was too! A lot of times.

Are you not sure what common survey mistakes you are doing?
Your answer might vary from No to Maybe to Yes.

Still, are you desperate to make money through surveys?
I know, t is tempting, right?

Do you believe we can earn money from home through online surveys?
Yes, definitely, we can.

Do Online surveys pay?
Depends, some do.

Have you ever slogged hours together in front of your computer just to earn pennies?
I have. I have worked hours in front of my computer to earn a few pennies.

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We have all been there at some point in time in our lives. Creating passive income from a side hustle looks so convincing, isn’t it? That’s precisely my point.

I have tried so many ways to make money and also failed miserably. I have given up hopes of making money through online surveys at some point in time.

How to Avoid These Common Mistakes in Online Surveys?

I had no idea about the common survey mistakes I did, until I noticed the pattern.

I realized these simple mistakes kicked me out of a few online surveys. It took me a while before I understood how surveys work, before blindly applying to other survey sites.

The Internet has always been a strange place. Just like everything else, it has its good and its share of bad too. Coming to my list of failures, I have been rejected by many survey sites.

Honestly, it is a smooth ride until I am kicked out before payday. Payday has been the worst moment for me until now. Most of my earnings through surveys have never seen the light.

If you are trying to earn through surveys, then you must keep an eye on these details. If you are getting kicked out of online surveys regularly, then it could be because of these common suvery mistakes you are unaware of.

These are a few key points to keep in mind while trying to make money from online surveys on the Internet.

First Things First

There is no ONE way to make money. There are so many ways to make money online. It entirely depends on the time each person can invest on an everyday basis.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed or lost in the ocean of opportunities available online.

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If you are fascinated to make money online, be aware that the Internet is full of quick-money scams. As a person desperate to make money, it is easy to fall for these unaware.

You can check one hundred survey site reviews and then apply to some survey sites yourself. However, it could lead to failure.

It really happened to me. I made all of these 10 mistakes without realizing and that’s exactly how I got kicked out of online surveys.

How do Online Surveys Work?

In simple terms, these are our honest opinions shared about products or events, etc., They could be about current events or upcoming products or just about anything the survey market is looking for.

The idea is to release better products with consumers’ minds involved. When surveys are done through known platforms, it is easier for more people to participate.

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The rewards given encourage people to participate in more surveys. The critical point is to be honest about your thoughts.

Honesty plays a vital role in surveys. You can get kicked out for lying, and it is easy for sites to identify your lies. Use these polls as an opportunity to share your honest thoughts.

Tip: You can use a separate email for working on surveys. This helps you track surveys quickly and prevents mixing up with other mails.

What Information is Collected by Online Survey Sites?

A lot of information is collected by online survey sites. This worried me a lot.

That was one of the reasons I was apprehensive about taking surveys initially. However, today tracking most of our information online is common by many applications we use.

Survey sites share their terms and conditions ahead. It is wise to go through the disclosure policy before focusing on earning money. 

Most PII(Personally Identifiable Information) data is collected by survey sites. This includes your name, age, house address and postal code for a start. This information is managed by survey sites at their data centers.

The survey sites find it easier to provide more location-specific surveys and also to prevent duplicity activities. Many people use multiple email ID’s to get access to more studies to make more money.

I was worried about sharing so many details about me and my household. I never used to read the policies earlier. Now, I take the time to read the terms and conditions of each site before registering with them. 

I know that I can withdraw anytime and not provide information to them. Similarly, I can use the Prefer not to answer option available in the surveys. 

The only disadvantage is that you will not be offered more surveys when you are not specific. 

If you have read the terms and conditions and are willing to share the details requested, then it makes taking surveys simple. 

Who can Earn from Online Surveys?

Anyone can earn through online surveys. That’s what makes it easy for everyone to reach out to survey sites.

We spend anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes on each survey. Most would prefer to join online surveys to make some easy money.

Whether you work on shifts or a stay at home person, taking surveys for a while is a great choice to earn some cash.

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It is ideal for college students, many would love to grab this opportunity to make some extra cash.

As for me, I am a mother of a toddler. I hardly get a few minutes every day to breathe. Taking surveys looked like the perfect opportunity for me to relax and also make some money.

However, everyone’s situation is different. Some might do it for fun and reap the awards as gifts.

Being a mother, I find it easier to work online when my daughter naps.

Spending a couple of hours earning some cash looks a feasible option, isn’t it?

Can we Earn Money from Home Through Online Surveys?

The simple answer is Yes.

The detailed answer is what most of us know. There are no shortcuts or quick money-making schemes that are going to make you Richie Rich rich overnight.

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Some might say when your time is right, you will earn all that you ever deserved together. Like me, if you do not believe it, good for you.

I believe that everything involves commitment. Above all, everything requires strategy and consistency. 

Why do you think I was kicked out of Online Surveys priorly?

I wanted to earn money without sharing much about me. This is usually the most common survey mistakes from a user. I was the same.

Surveys don’t work that way. 

Do your research before joining these sites. Learn how surveys work before heading to the first survey site.

Most of my failures were because of no strategic planning. Earning money requires simple tactics, followed regularly. 

Are Online Surveys Worth it?

It is convenient to work from wherever you are. Some surveys operate in major countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and India. 

Whereas others provide an opportunity to an extensive country list. Many survey companies have now started listing International as an option for people from other countries.

Sharing honest opinions while making money is the right choice of work. You might not be qualified for every survey, but you will enjoy the ones you take. 

How do Online Surveys Pay?

Most Online Survey sites pay rewards to users for participating in surveys. They reward points for each study.

When it accumulates to a good number (depends on the site, some keep it at 500 points, others around 1000), they provide the option to choose from. It could be amazon gift vouchers or cash out with PayPal.

The pay could range anywhere between a few pennies to a few dollars for each survey. It entirely depends on the survey site. Most sites will pay you but pay less. However, you can earn a moderate amount with referral earnings.

Error Message: Cannot complete Online Surveys?

This is a common issue with many people taking surveys. Some surveys disqualify you in the middle of the study, whereas others take you to the end and chuck you out.

This is common when it comes to surveys. You are disqualified due to various reasons, maybe you answered a Data Quality question incorrectly or your location was not matching your survey.

This could often lead to frustration. Unfortunately, surveys work this way. Some times we don’t really know why we are disqualified.

10 Common Survey Mistakes to Avoid as a User

Alright, now that you are aware of how surveys work, let us get into the mistakes that kicked me out of survey sites. Here I list a few common survey mistakes users face.

Here’s a list of 10 Reasons Why You are Kicked out of Online Surveys

  1. Apply only to those survey sites that work in your country. Do not share incorrect information about your location just to get more surveys. That does not work. This is the topmost way to get kicked out of online surveys.
  1. Complete your profile and update your profile every 3-6 months. i.e., if you have traveled to another location, make sure you update the same in your profile.Sharing inconsistent data could lead to you getting kicked out quickly.
  1. Many platforms give you opportunities to earn quick money, but as they near payout, they suspend your account by blaming it on you. It is a common problem with many scams online. Check out which sites work for your country and which survey sites work better for you here.
  1. As a user, you need to be honest and consistent with your opinions across surveys. Do not keep changing choices just to get more studies. You will be banned by sites and lose the opportunity to take further opportunities. 
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  1. At times, some websites keep redirecting forever. They might take a good chunk of your time just to disqualify you in the end. A reward of 2 to 3 points as compensation for the disqualification will be given. Whereas some sites have a quality pre-check that helps you save your time from trying out polls you don’t qualify for. It is purely a trial and error method. This could lead to frustration, thereby leading to mistakes in other useful surveys.
  1. Answering data quality questions per the instructions is a sample of your attentiveness. Some people can mindlessly go through surveys and miss these questions. Whereas others would attentively answer the rest of the study, but leave loose on this one. Answering data quality questions incorrectly, can get you kicked out of online surveys.
  1. Use your account reguarly. Making money takes time and effort every day. Moving out of the system for a couple of days is fine, but logging in after ages isn’t a great idea. 
  1. When it comes to cashing out, use a local account, or get vouchers. If you are an Indian citizen, presently in the United States, then register a local US PayPal account for transferring money. 

Note: Never add an Indian account for money transfer unless you are in India. This is violating data policies and AML behavior.  

  1. If you are currently living in a different country than while registering, email any doubts you have to the support team before updating the profile directly. Do not get your account locked mainly due to location differences.
  1. Never use multiple email ids to get access to the same site. It is fraudulent, and you could lose your chances of participation in other websites too. Similarly, do not give your phone to your friends to answer your surveys for you.

Some of you would have made these mistakes without awareness. Any of these 10 simple mistakes could get you kicked out of online surveys. It is easier for survey sites to identify your inconsistencies.

Are you making these common survey mistakes that kicks you out of the system quickly? Now, you can avoid them and earn good money through surveys.

Let’s make taking surveys easier for them and us to earn money wisely.

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