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Signs You Are an Amazing Toddler Mom

At the beginning of the lockdown, nothing was different for me as a mom with a toddler at home. I did not think it was going to make a big difference in our lives either. It is 4-years since I quit my corporate job and 3-years since I became a mother.

First Sign of a Toddler Mom

The first sign that I felt being a mom to a toddler is the awareness about everything at home now than ever. Our lives have gloriously changed so much since the little brat started moving around on her own. Though it is about staying at home all day, the difference is in the time we spend together.

A toddler at home can give you fits of laughter while they do cute yet pesky things. It is these adorable beings who pull your pressure plug from 80 to 180 in less than 5 seconds. As sweet as it is to watch them do pesky things, it is miserable to clean the mess.

A toddler lying on a bed with her tongue out wearing one of a kind onesie.

These Moments as a Toddler Mom

There is a small emotion tingling inside me as a toddler mom, when I see my little one growing up so fast. There is another strong tide that washes over and makes me think about good old times!
“Oh, Don’t you think last year was better than now?”
“Yesterday was a calmer day, right?”

So, here’s me sharing a few things that connect with toddler moms:

  • Have you ever asked this strange question? Who is spending more time with the other? Is your toddler spending their entire day with you, or are you sticking around them in the name of parenting?
  • Do you remember those Yoga Breathing sessions? I used to wonder why do we have to take such long breaths since I struggled with it. Now, as a toddler mom I know why it helps. Are you taking deep breaths like me, when your toddler is bringing the roof down? I must agree it calms me down significantly.
  • There is not a moment to sit down at home. You are the busiest mother in the whole universe. And it is true.
  • Your exercise sessions hold more value to you now than ever. It is your rejuvenating session to face more tantrums from your toddler.
  • You prefer to walk with them than carrying them around. Aren’t you acing your convincing skills now? You learn to convince them that they have become tall and strong enough to walk with parents and run around on their own.

Maintaining Sanity at Home

  • Now, I spend so much time in the kitchen cooking meals and baking cakes. I enjoy the cooking process, but the list of snacks makes my head swirl. It looks like I cook so much, but all that my daughter enjoys are just snacks from morning till night. Watch it bud we survive on strawberries.
A small child wearing glasses and eating biscuit
Image Courtesy: Unsplash
  • When you gave her water to drink, you knew your toddler would love to splash and play. When you came by the living room, you found their wet handprints on the wall. You are thanking God because you gave her water, not watercolors.
  • When your toddler is silent, then there is a sudden silence that takes over your house like never before. Your heightened senses signal you that your toddler is up to something messy.
  • When your toddler has a meltdown, you have two choices. You are either rolling on the floor laughing or are deeply frightened of what is about to come up.
  • Mommy just broke the “No Icecream” rule, and she must have gone crazy. The other day when I offered my toddler some Ice cream, she refused it because she might catch a cold or a fever. I was laughing at her sincerity and could have given her the whole tub.

Are you looking for ways to connect better with your kids? Check out this Infographic.

Screen Time Dramas with your Toddler

  • My phone is not mine anymore. My toddler asks me why I need the phone? When I say I need to call my mother, she abides by it and allows me to take it. Did I mention the stringent advice on the adverse effects it has on my eyes?
  • While I restrict her screen time, she restricts mine. Yes, I am being warned not to watch too much screen since it will hurt my eyes. My toddler is not allowed to watch TV or phone for prolonged hours. What she makes it clear is the rule applies very well to parents too. Don’t you think this could be an award-winning argument?
  • The other day my toddler offered to buy me things online and went to YouTube. She said she is searching here and she will let me know once she finds it. Until then, she will watch the rhymes! #kidsthesedays
  • The size of the TV doesn’t matter. What matters is what you are going to view in it? The TV is only for cartoons, animation movies, and every rhyme there is to watch on YouTube. (Did my amma(mom) forget to mention Rajini thatha here, amma, what were you thinking?) Who’s the boss at home, anyway?
  • In case you were like me with plans to watch one show a day, I hear you! I know you have not much time for half a movie too. You have a TV contract with the toddler, and make real deals with them. Their questioning skills are tremendous, and now you’re finally learning to negotiate.
  • Have you subscribed to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and maybe Hotstar? Did you do it to enjoy the surround sound experience right in your living room? I know your TV is now blaring with Baby Shark all day!
  • Also, I know you are using a mobile phone or a tablet to watch movies or series. Are you watching that one episode in complete silence while your daughter is fast asleep? Does that strange corner help to hear when your toddler wakes up?
  • Honestly, I found some of the best TV shows while scrolling to find something toddler friendly. We love to watch it, and we have never laughed at something so silly in a long time.

What is that Mommy Time?

  • Mommy’s time really means going to the loo. You spend a reasonable time in the bathroom like never before. One just sits and relaxes even as the baby knocks, asking what are you doing inside. You know she is safe out there just knocking on your door asking random questions.
  • You plan to do a lot while the toddler naps at noon. The problem is you doze while in the middle of the story before your toddler.
  • Finally, you get a haircut after eons. As an exhausted mom, you want to enjoy the effect for at least a day. Excited that your toddler recognized your new style, you wonder what’s next. They call you to play the barber! What’s worse, you have the palm tree style pony right on top of the head!
A black girl child wearing a pony tail.
Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash
  • Your new journal or any notebook has your toddler’s scribbles at least on one of the pages! You wrecked your brains to divert your toddler to give that book to you! Aren’t you a smart and proud mom for getting it back early? Thank God, she did not empty that book!
  • Your mother just cleared another shelf to add more space for your toddler’s clothes. Even as you feel immensely blessed that your toddler received clothes as gifts, you are scratching your head to organize it.
  • You aren’t a great artist, but the toddler sure knows that is not a dog. You are searching for how to do a quick sketch of a dog, a monkey, etc.. and makes sure she recognizes it. Finally, you realize you need to learn how to draw all animals or invest in a printer. 
  • As a mother, your responsibility lies in keeping your things safe.Every spot in the house is a place to store their stuff. They go hunting for all household items to include in their toy list, leaving behind their toys. It could range anywhere from Mom’s bags, shoes, dresses, glasses, phone, oh, to Mom herself. 
  • The toddler knows how to get what they want. So, forget about their things, focus on keeping yours safe.

Life as a Toddler Mom

Life as a mom to a toddler is one of the most amazing times. Imagine waking up and placing your bare feet on that broken crayon lying down near the bed? Isn’t that a great way to start the day! At the same time, their empathy can leave you crying like a kid in front of them.

They laugh a lot if you laugh a lot. Even as they struggle to understand the world, they are well tuned to your frequency. They are beautiful beings that just consider you their world. Also, they think they are God and rule you around.

You might question a lot after seeing them as much as you wonder about their ability. Which member of the family could it be? You will remember that great grandmother from your paternal side your father talked just a few days before. They just came by to see you through your child.

Your child resembles everyone in your family right from having your father’s head, husband’s nose, mother’s talk, and sister’s devilishness. All in one bundle is your tiny tot who gives you a ride of your life!

That’s it, folks! If your toddler is everything I said here and much more than that, then, Welcome to the club! As a mom of a toddler, I would like to say let their awesomeness keep us bustling!

A toddler lying on a bed with her tongue out wearing one of a kind onesie used as a pinterest poster for Signs you are a toddler mom.

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  1. Superb Priya. Good Article. Very very Interesting. Keep writing more. Your Toddler keeps you on your toes all the time and makes you grow as she grows. It’s growing time for mother and daughter. As she grows she instills maturity into your mind.

  2. That’s awesome Jay. Thus typically depicts each toddler mom combo at every home in a unique way that’s it. U captured well in a shot.

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