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50 Simple Ways to Bond Better with Kids

When I decided to come up with a list of 50 Simple Ways to Bond Better with Kids it felt like a huge task. How much time can we really spend with kids in a day? I realized spending as little as 10 minutes every day could also help bond better with them.

We all agree that children understand so much. Some express themselves only through words, but mostly it is through actions that they express better. It is important to make their childhood memorable. We can make it a good journey by spending some quality time with them.

Respect is the Base to Bond Better with Kids

Kids love it when treated with respect. They enjoy the company of those who respect them. This is the base of the 50 Simple Ways to Bond Better with Kids

To build our relationship with our children, we must invest the time from today. It is important to listen to them, every one of their babbles! Discipline always plays a vital role in child growth. Every parent must enforce firm rules for their children, but how we make them follow it is important.

We all want our children to understand and follow everything we tell them. We also expect them to understand most of our rules, so they behave well at all times. Discipline does not mean just following our rules! A kid who trusts you bonds better with you.

How many of us are being considerate about what is going on within them? How many of us have the time to ask them how are they feeling and listen to their uncertain explanations?

We all are considerate mothers, but we do not sit down and hear them out sometimes. We are multitasking queens when it comes to listening to our kids.

Listen to Bond Better with Kids

I am sharing this based on my personal experience. So, if you are a great at listening, then trust me, you are doing great!

At times, we hardly treat kids as kids. Our busy lives at home and work lead to this constant struggle between our kids and us.

Personally, it took me a lot of time to understand what my daughter wanted from me.

She wants me to spend some uninterrupted time with her EVERY DAY!

I agree with you!

We all have so many roles to play, and being a mother is just one of them. With many errands to run every day, I cannot spend the entire day with my child. Kids get the hang of it slowly even though they cannot understand these initially. When a routine takes over, we all become better.

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Handle their Emotional Needs

As a struggling mother, my focus never shifted from her nutritional needs. I struggled with the pressure of being an inadequate mother, mostly by family. I was constantly tired of advice because my daughter was on the lower side of the weight chart.

It took me a while to accept the fact that even though food is a vital need, it is a better bond that helps children grow better. I used to be irritated all the time, which lead to yelling and scolding my daughter. She honestly had nothing to do with my mood, but I used to feel she was the reason behind my anger. I was stressed most of the time.

Aren’t we all stressed over something all the time?

We plan to manage everything, but most plans fail. We do not manage time in the best way we expect. When we cannot manage our anger, we yell at our children. When we are frustrated, we talk ill to our children. We do not know to manage ourselves, so we shout and reprimand our children.

For all that we cannot do, we have a fragile being who bears the load. Aren’t we burdening our children for no fault of theirs?

Trust me, It is alright!

We ALL have been there. I have yelled at a tiny being for nothing. We are all looking to change and build a better bond with our child. Let them be 3, 5, 10, or 18 years old.

I know you care!

A Happy Mom Bonds Better with Kids

The Most Debated Question: A Happy Mom or a Clean House?

If given a choice between a clean house and a happy mom, which one would you choose?

For all working mothers and homemakers, keep it going. Whether you have decided to work or stay at home, remember that the choice is yours. It is wise enough to accept it and acknowledge it to move foward.

Being a woman, I understand there is going to be a lot of pressure, backlash, and backtalks around everything we do. I will tell you that the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Just remember that you are already taking good care of the home and family. It is time to shift the focus on yourselves and care for yourselves. It helps a great deal in boosting your bond with the child.

How 50 Simple Ways Help You Bond Better with Kids?

My daughter and I struggle a lot then and there before connecting better with each other. My daughter is just a 3-year-old now, but I must tell you that age is not the issue here.

It is all about giving it a moment to understand the child’s perspective. It is about understanding the fact that kids will be kids and letting them be.

These 50 ways to connect was not composed in a single day. I came up with this list from what I observed in my daughter for almost two years now. We wish to do some of these activities together in the future and add more to this list.

We must shift our thoughts again from mundane thoughts to focusing on greater things. Let us always remember that the richest are not the happiest.

The richest are those who have rich relationships with themselves and others, those who know to cherish and create happy moments wherever they are.

The richest of all are our children. They know to live in the moment and teach us a lot about unlearning, forgiving, enjoying, and creating joy wherever they are.

Why a List Helps to Bond Better with Kids?

I am sharing 50 simple ways to bond better with our kids. I came up with the idea of a list for my toddler and me because I was usually doing the same thing and we felt bored easily.

A List allowed me to explore more options and helped me bond better with my kid. It helped me find simple activities that we started to enjoy gradually.

You could add more to this list and use it as a list of things to do with your kid. This is a great way to start with. Gradually, it all comes to you and you know what to do. Let us get into the list of 50 simple ways to bond better with kids:

  1. Sing their favorite song
  2. Sing your favorite song
  3. Give bear hugs and kisses
  4. Dance to their favorite song
  5. Play Hide and Seek
  6. Go for a 5-minute walk
  7. Watch their favorite cartoon together
  8. Watch their favorite movie together
  9. Play a board game
  10. Tell stories about your childhood
  11. Tell stories about their childhood
  12. Tell their grandparents childhood stories
  13. Make up a lot of stories
  14. Narrate the day like a bedtime conversation
  15. Snuggle and narrate bedtime stories
  16. Allow them to share without interrupting
  17. Listen to their version of the story
  18. Allow them to make up a story
  19. Ask them for help in everyday chores
  20. Assign everyday activities for them
  21. Wake them up with a smile and greet them
  22. Allow them to choose their dresses
  23. Allow them to do their morning duties by themselves
  24. Spend time with each child separately
  25. Prepare healthy meals
  26. Prepare their favorite meals
  27. High five every time they do something good
  28. Draw and color together
  29. Jump together
  30. Read a book together
  31. Share memories looking at family albums
  32. Laugh at their silly jokes
  33. Make silly faces and laugh with them
  34. Paint nails
  35. Bond with nature
  36. Wave ‘Good Morning’ to the sun every day
  37. Build things together and see them fall
  38. Hold hands and sit together
  39. Make toys like binoculars
  40. Exercise together
  41. Write in a notebook
  42. Save money in a piggy bank for a favorite toy/game
  43. Learn Maths and Alphabets in a fun way
  44. Let them use an old camera (not working, still okay)
  45. Scribble in a notebook together
  46. Tickle and laugh together
  47. Make up a lot of songs
  48. Cook a meal together
  49. Ride a bicycle together
  50. Learn a new hobby together

I know what you’re thinking. You know all this, right? Let us face it, how many of us do this? We wake up, get them ready, cook for them, feed them, send them to school, bring them back, put them to bed, but it is all routine, right?

Children grow too quickly, it is beautiful, but still, we feel crushed to miss these moments with them. We could only cherish their childhood memories for a lifetime.

Spend Time Together to Bond Better with Kids

Kids always remember the time we spend with them. These are some wonderful ways to connect and build a beautiful bridge between the kids and us.

I hope this list is a great start for many parents looking to connect better with your kids. Some of the activities here would be helpful for teenagers too.

Our focus is on enjoying our moment with our children. Feel free to update this list as you wish! You might have a teenager who could make a list with you! That again gives you a wonderful opportunity to come up with a better list for you!

So, let us take this lockdown as an opportunity to slow down and spend some time together. What are the ways you spend time with your kids?
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  1. This is just wonderful. There are quite a few things that I haven’t been paying attention to, but this is going to help me do things just right. Thank you, Jay!

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