My Journey as a Mother

Happy Mothers’ Day, Amma!

This week at school has been a busier week for my daughter. All weeks are equally exciting that she looks forward to going to school every day. She never wants to miss school. Some friends say things change as they grow up, but for now I am One Happy Amma.

Her curiosity was piqued this week because she was making something special at school. She let me know that she and her friends are busy making cookies for their mums. I asked her why are they making cookies this week for mums. She was like, Amma you don’t know it’s Mothers’ Day Amma and that’s why we are making cookies for you. It’s only for you. Aww, thank you Ammu Kutty!

When I went to pick her from school yesterday, she was excited and told me that the cookies are ready. Then she told me that she forgot to bring them. So I asked her if we have to go back to school to pick them back. Then I think she figured why she had to leave them at school. She told me that they were drying since they had added frosting and sprinkles to it.

I felt better because I didn’t want her remembering it while we were almost home. Even though I could convince her that we can pick it tomorrow, a child’s mind wants it immediately. It’s understandable, but not acceptable.

She was so excited to tell her father when he came back from work that evening. So, the Thursday evening news at home was how they made cookies and added frosting and sprinkles.

Finally came Friday where she could bring it home along with so many cards she made. That moment when she walked out of her class holding the card and the cookie in a folder, she looked the happiest.

The first thing she told me was the cookie was just for me. I was like, oh really, thanks darling, but I’d like to share. Her response was immediate, No amma, it’s only for you. That was honestly her Zen mode. That’s all I could feel at that moment. I told her that it can wait till we get back home so that I can eat it while I relax in a chair.

She also said that she’d open the bag and give it to me after we reach home. Of course, why not, after all it’s a luxury to sit and eat something in peace, something made by my daughter. I heartily agreed.

When we reached home, she got busy playing with things. I asked her if she is still wants to bring the cookie for me. She obliged immediately and took it out of the folder, out of the zip seal bag and brought it for me. Here you go, Amma.

The next thing she asked me was, Are you sad that you’re not able to share with me, Amma? Well, I couldn’t answer her not really! *Just kidding* I told her No Ammu, you made it for me, so as you said I will eat it myself. Amma, sharing is caring.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, but I told her No Ammu, but you said at school that it’s for me. Yes, Amma, but.. but.. I like to taste it. What happened next was we took turns to take bites and I told her that I am going to keep a small piece for daddy.

She told me that it was made for mother’s day not for father’s day. Her question was then why would you keep it for Naina (dad)? Well, why did you take a bite then? It is because you shared it with me. (What?) I want to share with Naina too, Ammu. No, Amma, it’s only for you. Well, I never got to eat the whole thing Ammu, I might as well share it. So, she finally agreed only after she took the biggest bite leaving a little for her father.

I took a photo of her biggest bite and told her that I am going to send it to her teacher. I was going to post it to the teacher to let her know that her beloved student ate half of my cookie. Amma, my teacher is going to be angry with me. Don’t Amma came the quick reply. I told her that her teacher is going to smile because she knows this is what kids do. Of course, I did not send it to her teacher, that was a joke to see what she says.

She asked me what I want her to write on the card she made at school for me. I asked her what she wants to write. For which her reply came promptly, I love you so much that you’re lucky that I love you so much. *too cheeky* Isn’t that a big word mummy? Well, that’s a sentence, darling.

She had made lovely cards with cute drawing on it. I am saving it here to cherish the memory. Even though I am fond of my mother, it is only after my daughter happened that I learned to express it to her.

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