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10 Random Stuff only Parents of a Threenager can Rant

It is funny and I never really thought this would be the topic I would keep writing continuously on my blog. Maybe being a parent to a threenager has done this to me! It is true that I need to take a lot of stress-busting breaks. I just invest some of it in writing.

As a parent of a threenager, here are 10 rants about the stuff only we can understand. Some threenager trials we go through in daily life.
Threenager Diaries

Why I write? That’s when even the most annoying incidents become the most amazing memories. I cannot really believe what writing about a threenager as a parent does to my mind.

It calms me so much that I understand her growing process and let her be. I just want to complaint about my threenager sometimes, but when I start writing about her, the feeling is different than what I expect.

As a parent, I am amazed by my threenager. It is surprising that I understand her better only when I write about her. Just going to share 10 Random Stuff only Parents of Threenagers can Rant. All based on real daily life incidents.

If you are not yet there, don’t worry, soon you will get there!

10 Random Rants of a Threenager Parent

Since my daughter is singing the potty song all the time and is curious about potty, I will start right there! It’s disgusting sometimes to discuss so much about potty! As an adult, I only consider it as a morning duty, there is nothing more than that. However, it is entirely different when I have to answer a lot of questions to my threenager.

  1. The moment I want to use the loo, my daughter runs before me and occupies the bathroom. She says she wants to use it first! Well, those few seconds seem like hours to me! If I have learned one thing better than cursing, it is taking deep breaths! Maybe to convince myself that I can do nothing else, but wait, or to give me more patience and strength to hold it in!
  2. When it comes to Banana, I don’t know why she finds it difficult to understand it is alright to eat a broken banana or a blackened one. Both look like monsters to her! When a banana breaks in half, there is this wail like a world war is about to start. When I run scared to check if she fallen down or hurt herself, it is just the banana! I can eat the banana, but she will not! The Queen doesn’t eat broken bananas!
  3. She has all the energy to scatter things down. The moment I ask her to tidy up or clean up there comes the immediate reply, I am tired! Well, I just have one question, why are you not tired when you are scattering? At times, I go the edge and tell her if you think you are tired, I am exhausted. The result is that she just learned another word, exhausted!
  4. Every morning when she is getting ready to go to school, she clearly picks her side. It must be daddy! She becomes daddy’s girl in the morning. That’s when she can tell Daddy that she is feeling sleepy and he will carry her to school. If mommy comes, she has to walk! When I ask my husband why isn’t he making her walk, he has an age old reply to that question – When I am in a hurry, she takes forever to walk! I cannot agree more to that reply.
  5. With hair falling in her eyes, I hinted her about a haircut. She clearly said that she will not go for a cut. So a friend asked is she going to braid her hair, she said NO. She said she is growing it so she can wear pony tails. I feel this threenager has a strong opinion about her hairstyle.
  6. When a drop of water spills on her dress, there is an immediate request to change it. When I tell her that it will dry in a few minutes, she replies instantly that she wants to change right now. Ten dresses in one day is too much for the washing machine to handle too!
  7. When it comes to watching episodes on TV, it is always back to back. There’s always a, “Mom this is my last one for today” before the end of the previous episode! That’s like the 99th episode you’re watching for the 99th time and still you want to watch it one more time!
  8. When it comes to meals, there’s always “Mom, this is my last bite.” However, when it comes to snacks, a quick ask is, “Can I have another snack, I sort of feel hungry!”
  9. Give the first chance to use the bathroom to a guest and that’s all. She waits right outside the bathroom door saying it is urgent and that she wants to pee immediately. I guess the guest would feel the pressure of a threenager in just a few minutes.
  10. We all know that the TV already belongs to them, so does the mobile, tab and every electronic device that ever exists. At times, I have no idea which episode she was watching. When she asks for a repeat, I am totally clueless and my stress levels rise until we find it and she finally says that’s the one she was watching!

If there’s one word I can relate a threenager to, it is REBEL. THREENAGER=REBEL. For a parent, it is major breathing episodes everyday! Well, though I was stressed the moment I started writing this post, I am honestly feeling a lot better now!

Threenagers are fun, sometimes!

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