My Journey as a Mother

My Journey as a Stay at Home Mom Blogger

When I first thought about starting a parenting blog, I wanted to use it as the space to express my stories as a stay at home mom blogger. I know there are a lot of bloggers who share their journey as a stay at home parent. I had no idea, What am I going to do any different?

As a stay at home mom, I did not want to get caught into the regular housewife syndrome. I do not see myself cribbing about things, worrying about sitting indoors with nothing to do, and going in search of people to have a social life.

As an individual, I constantly remind myself why I took this break from work. I have every opportunity to get back to work, but I have decided to stay at home for a few more years. Since writing has always been my goto, I decided to start this parenting blog to share my motherhood experiences here.

How I Started this Blog?

I took a long time to start this blog. It started as a small discussion with my husband because he had to finance this. Then, I was lucky to have a detailed one on one call with a blogging coach, the moment I decided to host a separate parenting blog.

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I had to think twice before spending the time and money to start this blog. Being a non-earning member, I wanted to be accountable for the money I spend. Also, being a mother of a toddler, I wanted to know if I could spend the time to write consistently.

I already have a personal blog where I share my poetry and reflections of my mind. Somehow I did not want to mix my parenting posts there. I wanted to share all my parenting chronicles in a space dedicated just to the parenting journey.

I wanted my blog to be my online parenting diary, which will help recollect memories after years. Also, I believed it will become a forum that opens up for discussion about our children, our lives as mothers, whoever we are.

As a mother, we all have so much to share about ourselves, our children, and our lives. However, it is all already there out in the world. I learned we all have the same stories to share, but with some small refinements.

We all make choices all the time. The story of mine states what choice did I make? I share it here for the same reasons. What choice would you make when the situation approaches you? I try my best not to be judgemental, but understand someone’s situation for the better.

Where did I go Wrong?

The moment I started the blog I was excited to write about motherhood and toddler life related posts. In just 3 months time, I was overwhelmed to post continuously on it. I had to search for things continually, that I ended up feeling tired too soon.

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So, I had to take a break from blogging on my parenting blog. Thanks to the wonderful trip, it rejuvenated me and reminded me to slow down. It reminded me that my focus has shifted from cherishing memories to ranking on the first page of google continually!

I will tell you that the pressure is too high when you start focusing on just the ranking. I started thinking about ranking every post on the first page. Phew, imagine my silly mind thinking like this. I lost the courage to write anything at all on the blog.

The writing process is therapeutic. It helps me in a lot of ways. It has helped me find a solution, at times it has helped me find the problem too. Sometimes it is nice to write on a blog with little to no audience. There is no fear of judgement and writing flows freely. That’s when I am not scared about revealing myself just the way I am.

As a stay at home mom blogger, I would love to share things as it is. The reality of being at home, the times I have felt lonely, tired, and exhausted, similarly about the uninterrupted happy moments I enjoy just because of the opportunity to be at home.

What My Mom Blog is Made of?

The blog will have its share of happy stories, challenging times, and worrying moments. Parenting has its fair share of emotions. Right from the moment my daughter wakes up to the time she goes to sleep, I am going through a lot of mixed feelings.

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Even as I write this post, my daughter, who was busy watching Tinga Tinga Tales sitting in a play mat, just shifted to sit on me. It is almost half an hour now, and the pain on my thighs is unbearable.

Still, when I asked her to get off me, she denied. She told me that she feels lonely. As a mother, I need my quota of silence in my day. As a child, she needs my presence in everything she does.

So, I stopped writing, took a break to divert her to make her understand that I am with her! Sometimes we cannot argue about our situation with children, best is to take a deep breath and handle the situation at hand.

Children are too attached to mothers at home. That’s the primary reason why motherhood is a bag of mixed emotions. Not being able to move around in the house freely or even use the bathroom puts a lot of pressure on a stay at home mom.

As a woman, we deal with many changes and emotions, but as a mother, we go to the peak of it. During this pandemic, children have got attached to fathers more than mothers.Fathers have started seeing the reality of being at home. So, it gives a better feeling.

In short, as a stay at home mom blogger, I write about the good, the bad and the ugly phases of the motherhood journey and parenting.

What I Learn from my Daughter?

As a mother, I learn more from my daughter, than actually teaching her. I learn that being the observer is more important than being an advisor. I have changed a lot as a parent just by observing her and listening to her.

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There is a common fear in children. They mostly cry when you drop them on their first day of school. That’s because they believe that their parents would not come back to pick them up. It might look silly to an adult, but a child’s thinking is different.

Children need constant reassurance that they are loved. They are fragile beings in the outside world, even though they might bring down the roof in our house. I noticed this and learned about this from my daughter. She enjoyed the idea of playschool but started crying when we dropped her there.

I learn that when she needs me, I must take the time to be with her. Also, I must encourage her to learn from her mistakes, not avoid her from making mistakes. I learned that repetition is key for every aspect of her learning. It strongly sets the rules for her and also reminds me often of what I must do.

How I feel as a Stay at Home Mom Blogger?

As a stay at home mom blogger, I have learned to express myself through writing. That’s one way to handle my blocked mind. Every person needs an outlet. There could be negative comments, but what’s important is finding a way to overcome it and move on. Writing helps me handle negativity in a better way.

At times, I feel like the clown, trying to juggle it all with a smile on my face. While at others, I am the crying joker laughing at her own flaws.

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Many times, as a stay at home mom, I feel oppressed when people ask me what I do all day. Often, my choices of opinion don’t count because I stay at home. I agree that some women are lazy, but not all are. Again, to each her own. It is better when we use our time productively.

No woman is perfect. We all have our days. Those who love to cook do not like to clean the dishes. Those who love to clean the house do not fancy cooking. All of this is acceptable.

Most of us acknowledge our weaknesses and go ahead doing our tasks. Those who don’t love complaining go ahead and find a way to finish the tasks. I always prefer to listen to an audible or some music while I wash the dishes! After all, the work gets done, and I feel better when I accomplish something that is not my favorite.

Some women always prefer a peaceful life over a luxurious one. I am not the perfect woman at all. There are times when the washed clothes stay in the machine for a day before I take it out to dry. At other times, you would see me handling almost four loads of clothes in a day, from drying to folding and all in its place.

We all need a break. We all need our time to keep things running. There are times I have felt I have missed some good social interaction with the outside world. However, after talking with some people, I figured it is better to stay shut than talk with them.

If there is one thing that scares me it is becoming the typical housewife. I am scared about getting into the rut again and wasting my time over petty issues. Being a stay at home mom blogger, I am in company of good friends online and love it when I am by myself too.

That’s exactly how I overcame my fear of missing out. If you are always on the fear of missing out on something, I can vouch for you that you are not missing anything.

On one condition, If you are not giving vision to your dreams, then you are missing something. Wherever you are, work towards making your life better, help when you can, and make it a better place.

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