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What I Learn as a Stay at Home Mom to a Toddler – Part 3

The chronicles of having a toddler at home is never ending. There are so many moments to cherish and also roll my eyes. I shared what I learn as a stay at home mom in the last two posts as Part 1 and Part 2.

Now, I will share the chronicles of being a stay at home mom. What I learn as a stay at home is to laugh at everything. I am learning to let go of my anger to accept her innocence.

There are days when I cannot manage a smile at anything. That is totally because of my mood and not once because of my daughter. In fact, those are the best days when I look forward to something silly that could make me smile.

Though I have a scorn on my face, my heart smiles ear to ear. I love it when my daughter goes about her everyday drama.

She is not the most mischevious, but since I have less patience, I view it as “too much”. So, here’s me sharing some chronicles I enjoy with her.

When Working on my Laptop

When my daughter sees me working on the laptop, she immediately comes and sits next to me. Asks me why I am doing what I am doing!

Mom with child sitting on her lap. A work from home situation.
Image Courtesy: Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

I love to tell her I write my heart out there as words, and I am enjoying it. At times, she says she wants to work like me. She likes to use a laptop for work.

My daughter sits on my lap and asks if she could help me. Nowadays, I let her help because I figured her attention span would max out at 3 minutes. Not anything more than that.

I ask her to type for me, which is our new alphabet game now. She gets bored after a while and types something fast and says she is working like me!

When I am too busy planning out a blog post, I tell her I work to buy toys for her. Her toys don’t come by easy or free. We need to shell out some money to get them.

I ask her to list out the toys she wants so we could buy it when we go out. She goes about her work playing something else for some time.

Since we play the role change game often, she comes up with the same theory for me. What we sow, we reap!

Watching TV Together

We were watching TV when my 3-year old ran to use the loo urgently. What she expected was for me to pause the TV, the moment she ran out of the living room.

Minion on a tin.
Image Courtesy: Photo by Alison Wang on Unsplash

When she realized her mother did not have the basic courtesy to pause the video during her emergency, she came back to remind me to pause the video.

Embarrassed and laughing from ear to ear to cover up my shame, I obliged.

There are times when she has asked me if she needs to pause the TV. When I get a call or run to the kitchen to check if I have turned off the stove, and when I tell her I need to use the loo.

I learn a lot as a stay at home mom. She just rekindled my common sense which went missing for a long time. After staying at home for almost 4 years now, I am learning again to socialize in a better way.

TV Time for Parents

My lazy bones asked her to turn on the TV one day. Now, I have to think about another way to say that the TV is not working anymore.

She decides what she watches, and at times, she decides what we watch too! Kids can be too authoritative sometimes.

Netflix on TV
Image Courtesy: Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

We hardly watch action movies together anymore. We have shifted to rom-com and comedy flicks nowadays. More better, we have shifted to just cartoons and songs now.

We get into the story that we forget that Lakki moved out of the couch. Before we realize, she has already turned off the TV.

When you want to use just one word to show your disappointment, but you’re not using that word in front of the child.

I want to argue, but I already know that’s the worst decision ever!

That BIG TV on the table has little meaning when a single film takes us 3-days to complete!! Maybe we would enjoy it after 50.

Somehow from last week, we have agreed to take turns watching TV. I decided on 20-minute sessions and gave her the first session. The moment I changed to mine, she started nagging me from the second minute.

I tell her that she is supposed to play with something else until then and then come back. Even though she does not know the time yet, sometimes she is prompt by the 18th minute!

Makeup Time

While I am not even an amateur in makeup, my daughter is already rocking her nail polishing skills. Thanks to her grandmother for showing her how to do it.

Nail polish for a toddler
Image Courtesy: Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash

My dad and my uncle are the only ones who oblige to her makeup rules. They never mind wearing nail polish that she applies to their toenails. They flaunt with it in pride.

Since I hardly have any nail polish or cosmetics for that reason, my daughter has found a new way to play with makeup.

When I initially purchased Crayola markers, I made sure they are easily washable. What I worried was that she might use them on the wall, but never estimated her creativity to use it as a cosmetic.

She got the Crayola markers from me to color her book, but she used them as her makeup tools. She had painted her toenails with purple, and oh, the purple lipstick! I really wish I had pictured it all.

Even though I was amazed at her sense of style, I could only laugh a bit about the mess on her. The moment I saw her with it, I wiped off her Crayola lipstick.

She looked like she had a lot of grape popsicles! I was scared of some self-induced tummy pain even though they are declared non-toxic. Sometimes, you never know!

I am a happy mother when my toddler is keen to apply Crayola nail polish on my fingernails, instead of scribbling on the wall.

The Non-Existent Person in the Room

I don’t have the slightest idea why I do this creepy thing, but talking like a third person exists in the room, is something that I often do.

I do this to make her oblige. When she is yet to finish her plate or if she is not listening, then the non-existent person comes by for a visit.

4 cats sitting on a table
Image Courtesy: Photo by Dietmar Ludmann on Unsplash

He cleans the plate, he listens to whatever mom says, and he also tags along to appreciate or criticize my daughter’s chronicles.

My daughter never searched before she was 3; she just obliged when I spoke about a third person. Now, she looks around and asks me if I am talking to someone other than her!

Toddler: Who are you talking to, Amma?
Mom: I am talking to George; he listens to his mom and obeys what she says.
Toddler: Okay!

Just that! There is no reply about listening from now on or talk with me, Amma. She replies a plain okay!

Do you think I will continue my advice more than that? Most often, I stop sharing too much information with her right there and go about my work.

Mom: *Laughing about something while tickling her* You’re my sweet bunny!
Toddler: *Giggles and becomes a baby*
Mom: See, now my daughter has become a cute little bunny, it seems!
Toddler: *Pleased and continues giggling even while I talk with another non-existent person in the room*

Dearest Hubby or Hubby Darling

The hubby is no longer hubby, dear, darling, or T. I am addressing him just about the same as my daughter.

Me: Daddy, what shall we prepare today?
Hubby: *doesn’t even worry anymore that I called him daddy* Says the menu instead.
Hubby: Mommy, what are you doing? Come here for a minute!
Me: *laughing that he called me mommy* Yes daddy, what is it?

I used to make fun of so many people calling their husband as Daddy. Never once did I realize I’d be there too.

Movie Nights be like, You watched Paddington yesterday; it is now mommy and daddy’s turn to watch a movie. We must take turns to watch TV, right? It is our night today!

What happens is the daddy watches TV for a while after complaining he never gets to watch TV at all. Then, comes to talk with us saying that’s okay, I will watch it later, we’ll spend some time with her.

As a stay at home mom, I learn about many new cartoons and find them more interesting than most series on the Internet. This could happen to you if you’re spending too much time with your little one.

Binge Eating

I eat most of the snacks that she leaves halfway! Well, grab this bite, grab that bite!

Every fruit has a bite on it, and it is all put back safely in the fruit bowl.

Child eating apple
Image Courtesy: Photo by Khamkhor on Unsplash

The other day my daughter bit almost half a dozen apples while I was on a call with my family. I couldn’t say a thing to her. Instead, I made the apple cake, and that became my birthday cake!

Just like some half-eaten bananas make well for the walnut banana cake! I don’t share these with others! We make small batches and finish it by ourselves.

I have started with the rule where we are not supposed to share what we have already bitten. The kid must know this is not the right thing to do, giving away bits of her unwanted food to others! It just doesn’t work that way!

I am glad she got the point and understands that I am supposed to share ahead before biting. If at all, I am willing to share, which she is not at the moment.

I used to fuss a lot about her not sharing, but I am fine now if she doesn’t share. Kids grow and change. The moment I agree with her that she need not share anything with anyone, she is okay to share them.

As a stay at home mom, I learn that reverse psychology was established because of kids.

Kitchen Chronicles with Toddler

When your toddler is all eager to come and cook with you but gives instructions like you are her assistant.

a small girl playing with utensils for What I learn as a Stay at Home Mom to a Toddler on One Happy Amma
Image Courtesy: Photo by Karly Gomez on Unsplash

Toddler: I will stir, Amma. *After a few seconds* I will cut, Amma.
Toddler: Why are you not allowing me to help you, Amma?
Me: I gave your knife to cut, but you cannot stir now. You must grow two inches more to reach the stove. Okay?
Toddler: I am small, but I can use the stool.
Amma: You might hurt your fingers.
Toddler: Amma, I will help you. I am strong.

When left with no choice, I help her climb on the footrest and reach the stove. I remind her not to touch the stove.

She feels happy, gets excited and cautious when it comes to cooking. Using a small pan now encourages her to hold it well and use it to make an omlet or scrambled eggs.

Just last week, she hurt herself by touching the hot pan by mistake. She cried, but I showed her my mark too. She was alright.

I learn more about my kitchen everyday. As I learn what it is like to take care of the kitchen everyday, I share the learnings with my daughter.

As a stay at home mom, I learn to teach her the importance of the kitchen. I tell her that learning to cook is as important as staying alert in the kitchen.

My Dull Dressing has a Reason

Now, my sense of dressing has come down a higher notch, since I prefer black or neutral colors only. The beautiful pink or the classy white are not coming into the house for fear of stains.

girl child in a Colorful dress for What I learn as a stay at home mom to a toddler on One Happy Amma
Image Courtesy: Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Since every white t-shirt or dress has a stain, I have quit buying beautiful pastels for her.

But when people gift beautiful pastels, I am like, guys, do you have the slightest idea how much trauma that dress will face?

Vinegar and Baking Soda are the two overused cleansers in our home!

I started this blog so I could cherish all the memories with my daughter in her toddler years.

What I learn as a stay at home mom to a toddler is a special post to remind me of the joy in the small moments spent together every day.

As for the saying, Time spent with children is never wasted, holds true as I continue to learn a lot as a stay at home mom!

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