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15+ Easy Fun Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers

When you have a toddler at home, your brains are working a little bit more to keep them engaged all day.

How many times have you scrolled it all in Pinterest and found those fantastic ideas? I see it as an excellent chance to browse Pinterest for some more time.

Water Hand Prints on the Wall fun indoor activity for toddlers on One Happy Amma
Water Hand Prints on the Wall

I am always on a hunt for easy and fun, indoor activities to do with toddlers.

How many of these projects have you tried at home? Have you felt blessed that your toddler obliged and played along for half an hour to an hour?

Ah, an hour of one activity is like a big thing for me! 

Some activities excite them whereas the same does not work the other day.

As a parent, I wonder what’s not exciting about that fun activity? Honestly, I could play along for a little longer even now.

That’s exactly what it is like to be with toddlers! They need entertainment according to their mood. Guess their mood would give us a better chance to keep them engaged longer.

As a mother to a toddler, I am enjoying a lot of activities than I would have back in time.

Be it blowing bubbles or drawing with sidewalk chalk, I could sit down and do it for a long time.

Engaging a Threenager with Indoor Activities

I am always asked, How much time do I spend with my toddler every day?

Honestly, I plan my whole day around her routine. As toddler moms, I guess we all would agree to this.

Every plan of ours is entirely based on their awake time and nap time! That’s why we plan so many easy fun indoor activities to do with toddlers, isn’t it?

Until 2.5, my daughter was a total charm. However, so much has changed right from the day she turned 3. It is just a month since she turned 3.

She wouldn’t play old activities anymore. Well, she says those are for babies. I wonder what she is now, a teenager?

Home made chocolate birthday 3 cake with cupcakes omn each side. It has a candle indicating 3rd birthday. One Happy Amma cake.
That’s her 3rd Birthday Cake! She helped me bake it!

Oh, yes, she is a threenager.

This gave me a slight insight into what it would be like to have a teen at home! 

So, I am not a great artist mom, neither am I a good DIY mom as many of you out there. I would love to post one good picture on Pinterest, but I am far from it.

These easy and fun indoor activities to do with our toddlers listed here are tried and tested with my daughter.

She loves playing them and I get the chance to jumble them often. These activities help children learn so much on their own.

So, my activities are mostly little to no-prep ideas, with handy stuff at home and kid approved. Do not be surprised by my simple, fun projects with my toddler.

But, I assure you that these 15+ easy and fun indoor activities to do with toddlers will keep them engaged for at least 20 minutes. Let’s get started.

1. Chalk Paint

When I found out about this on Susie’s blog, I was honestly impressed with her easy paint idea. 

What a smart mom she is to make these easy-to-clean paints for toddlers to experience? It cleans off pretty well in a single swipe with a wet cloth. 

My daughter went crazy when she saw this paint. She grabbed the bowl with both the hands and emptied her pages in one go. 

Chalk Paint Art on a note book for 15+ Easy Fun Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers on One Happy Amma
Chalk Paint Art on Notebook

Here’s one page from the book. You get it, right? She didn’t stop there. 

She decorated the refrigerator with colors. The best part, I wiped it down in one clean swipe before going to bed! A complete win-win activity for every toddler. 

It looks messy, but it is not and it is more fun! They can paint anywhere around the house. For once, as parents we are not going with, don’t do this here/there, blah, blah anymore. 

2. Two Tea Cups

All you need are 2 little cups filled with water. Any two cups at home will do well.

My toddler loves to pour from one to the other and goes about it for almost 20 minutes straight.

I place a play mat on the floor and spread a towel on top of it. There is just one rule that she has to follow if she needs to play with water.

She is supposed to sit down and play. She goes about with it for almost half an hour, and sincerely, I don’t mind filling her little teacup with some extra water.

3. Bat and ball

We have the regular shoot ball. Instead of an actual bat, I use the stem from the kitchen towel.

I save the roll for her to play. We also made a binocular with the previous one!

That’s her bat, and it’s perfect for a 2-3-year-old to hold and miss no shots.

She prefers to use her empty bubble bottle as a bat. This is one of the easiest fun indoor activities to do with toddlers to improve their fine and gross motor skills.

4. Cutting a Banana Montessori Activity

The safe plastic knives are a charm for toddlers. I came across the cutting a banana Montessori activity on Deb’s Blog.

I introduced my daughter to it and she cut almost 4 bananas the same day, that I had to make Walnut Banana cake that evening!

You will be amazed at how they grasp the instructions and follow it well. I was happy she spent a lot of time doing this activity. Again, one of the most fun and easy indoor activities to do with toddlers.

5. Let’s bake Together

My daughter loves to cook with me. She pours the ingredients in a bowl just the way I tell her to do.

I wish to tell you always, but that would be too much!

The truth is, she obeys sometimes. In the times she follows my instructions, it is a pleasure to cook with her.

I let her whisk the contents for a while after the batter is ready. She does it heartily and watches me pour it onto the baking tray.

She tells me that the cake will be ready when the oven bell rings!

6. The Ice Cream Shop

Ice creams are our favorite. This summer, we are making ice creams every week. We are cherishing a wide variety of homemade icecreams.

So, I make small portions of ice cream and store them in the regular pre-used ice cream box. Once it is ready, I let it cool for a few minutes before cutting them into cubes.

Unsplash Image with a cone ice cream
Image Courtesy: Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

We use toothpicks to eat them one by one. We take chances to eat and watch when the other enjoy the ice cream.

It is pure fun when your daughter puts the cube inside her mouth and rolls her eyes!

Give your little one a separate bowl to drool out the contents in case they take too much of it.

Sometimes, my daughter cannot handle the chill. She plops out since it is too much for her to hold in her mouth.

7. Blowing Bubbles

She’d be the happiest if I blow bubbles with her all day long.

It gets a bit messy indoors, we often slip on the wooden floor. Still, we love it when we blow bubbles taking turns. It is enjoyble and they love to play for an hour too.

So, we go down to the sidewalk and blow the bubbles there.

toddler blowing bubbles with a bubble gun
Image Courtesy: Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash

She can run around and catch the bubbles for as long as she can. Yes, I use the bubble gun when we go down. (laughing with the tongue out!)

8. Watching the wind

Are you really wondering if this is an activity? This can really be a calmin activity.

Well, the British have 100 ways of saying it’s raining. We had winds the whole of last week. We are reminded often it is summer.

This week we are having the entire summer hitting it out on us.

So, we sit down near our stairs and watched the rain many times last week. We also listen to the wind blowing. 

We spend some time watching the plants blowing in the wind. My daughter seems to enjoy this for a while. 

I love it since it calms my mind and reminds me of a lot of British memes!

9. Jumping on the Air bed

We bought the air bed to watch movies in the living room. Less did I imagine that my daughter would use it for her trampoline jumping.

Toddler standing and watching TV on the air bed. One Happy Amma photo
Busy watching TV while taking a break on the Air Bed.

She loves to jump on it for as long as she wants to. It is usually anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

It goes for up to 20 minutes if she is watching songs or cartoons on TV.

10. Sliding down the bed

Yes, it is the same air bed that she uses as her slide.

Toddler sliding down the air bed for fun indoor activities to do with toddlers on onehappyamma
Indoor Makeshift Slide. Supervision Required.

It is not the smoothest slide, but an excellent makeshift slide that she enjoys.

We place it on the couch, and she is set to climb up and slide down for a while.

I recently checked out the cardboard slide, and we will soon try that out at our home!

11. Sorting colors

Sorting has become an everyday activity in our household. We sort almost everything based on colors.

Sorting Toys photo from Unsplash
Image Courtesy: Photo by Soraya Irving on Unsplash

I place a bowl for each color and place an object to go with it. My toddler goes about with the rest of the activity on her own.

12. Matching Pairs

My daughter has a sudden liking to matching pairs. It could be anything from alphabets to colors, she loves to match the same kind.

Matching pairs of animals on a worksheet for One Happy Amma fun toddler activities to do with toddlers
Matching Pairs

13. Danny and Daddy

If you’ve seen these episodes, you’ll notice that the little guy draws something on a paper, and his daddy identifies it.

Toddler drawing on a board with a chalk for fun indoor activities to do with toddlers on One Happy Amma
That’s a Sun, not the Corona virus:)

My daughter loves these videos and likes it when we play the same. Hence, we do the same on a board with chalk.

I find it hard when my daughter draws and asks me to find it out. I dissect it enough before I tell her the wrong item for the 3rd time every time!

What I doodle is anyway, a no-brainer for my daughter.

14. Throw the Ball

We play throwball. Since my toddler is learning to dribble the ball now, she is fond of it.

We use our baby swing as the basket for our basketball and aim to throw the ball into it.

We found this recently and since then this has been our favorite amongst the other fun indoor activities to do with toddlers.

15. Playmat Color Jump

This is one game we are so fond of that we take turns to play. I must choose one of the 4 mat colors, and she would jump to that color.

When I repeat the color, my daughter stops and laughs at me mischievously. I couldn’t stop laughing at her gimmicks.

A toddler jumping on colored playmat  for 15+ Easy Fun Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers on One Happy Amma
Playmat Color Jump – That’s jumping on two colors and a dance movement.

We improved the game by choosing two colors at a time. My daughter loves it because she gets to keep two feet in different colors.

We love this!

16. Easter Egg Play

I bought the easter egg hunt toys after seeing one of the episodes of Masha and the Bear. I purchased 48 pieces but gave her only 12. That’s 2 of each color.

It came along with 48 strings to tie the egg and present it as a gift. It has holes on both sides to insert the rope and pull it out so we could tie a bow.

esdter egg toys in a picnic bag.

We are supposed to sort and place the eggs in an egg tray. Though what we enjoy the most is using the egg as a top.

We use it as a play toy during bath since water pours out through the holes.

We also use it to find the alphabet and numbers. I place alphabets written on a small sheet of paper inside the egg while my daughter is supposed to find the alphabet and say it aloud.

Above all, she uses it for her pretend-play cooking game. She is fond of making eggs. She breaks them and pours the contents into the pan and throws the eggshells into the bin.

Thanks to the pretend play, everything stays on the couch!

17. Mega Blocks

Can anyone tell me if you are more interested, or is your toddler more interested in playing with blocks?

Build with multicolored blocks with a Mickey Mouse on top.  Toddler fun activity for one happy amma
A Home for Mr. Mickey!

While I sit and play with her, I enjoy them more. That’s one thing about playing with kids. We get involved quickly.

I am not sure if playing with toddlers is much fun all the time, but playing with their games are too much fun, isn’t it?

As much as they learn to enjoy and learn, we enjoy these fun activities because we spend time with them. This is a continuation of the previous post on Creative Activities for Toddlers at Home. You can check it out here.

Which are your favorite activities? How do you involve your toddlers at home?

15+ Easy Fun Indoor Activities to do with Toddlers Pinterest Poster for One Happy Amma
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